So that’s that then…


As of Monday W will be at big school full time with E. When they are very small, it feels like there’s more milestones, so I now need to put more in place, to celebrate the fact that our boys are growing and becoming dudes who have their own adventures. I’ve put some “sections” in below but they don’t really reflect the milestones do they – crawling, walking, feeding and all that jazz… Anyway, I’m tired so I’ll ignore that flaw in my writing…

What’s done:
Getting pregnant – that was mostly fun :)
Pregnancy – mostly not fun due to being unwell, but I did like the feeling that I was incubating our little people…
Birth – 99% not fun and 1% amazing
The First Six Months – 50% scary 50% overwhelming love and happiness that I’d never known
The Second Six Months – 20% scary and 80% wow you’re so cool
1 -3 years Oh Dear God – how do we do 1-3 and the previous two stages at the SAME TIME??? Are we nuts??
4 years old Will they get into the School??? They are in the School – Noooooo!!! My baby is going to school
5 years old I’m lost. I don’t like our boys not being at home

So, please can you help me with some suggestions of milestones and moments / phases to come? I want to put more in place, to be able to recognise opportunities to smell the roses…. Thank you x




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