Things I want to blog about but don’t have time…

1. Why is it that I want to have time alone – on a train, in the car, at home – anywhere, and then when I do, I miss my family terribly and want them back with me RIGHT NOW ??
2. Why is it that The Bitch Rules – more seminal than How To Be A Woman, is STILL out of print. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
3. That it’s actually hard to be a grown up and not chuck your toys out of the pram with your husband / family / people you work with.
4. That I don’t want to be a shouty mummy – it’s not the fault of the boys that Daddy has lost the car keys and that I couldn’t swap the car seats over very well this morning. Wasn’t fair of me to shout at them because of that. Bad Mummy.
5. That I’d actually quite like to just go back to bed and start today all over again.


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