Missing my boys

They are only at a play date, but I’m missing them so much! Does anyone else feel like this – that when they are at school / on play dates, you miss them and really just want to have them “around”?? And yet, when they are here, arguing, chasing, terrorising each other, I think “Can I just get a minute’s peace???”….

Parenting – it’s a mixed bag…

Update: 2.30pm
I go to collect boys from their play date. They have a strop that they have to leave and E declares that he wants to live at S’s house, not ours, because ours is rubbish and doesn’t have any good games or toys. Gee. Thank you beloved fruit of my loins. And then when we get home, they spot their Nanna, who lives next door to us and demand to go there and play games, rather than hang out with their Daddy because she’s got better games than us. They don’t mention the fact that she has a never ending supply of sweets or treats that they can dive into. They miss out that bit.

So I’ve left Lovely Bloke doing more ironing and I’m back to work. Like I said, parenting’s a mixed bag :))

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