Putting myself on my to do list… again..

To do lists - Liz Weston aka Cambridge Mummy styleI know! Shock! Horror!!!! Putting myself on my to do list *again* !!! Twice in one month – whatever next? Anyway, just wanted to document the fact that I’ve put myself on my to do list this week. Here’s how I’ve done it:

– been to yoga – with Lovely Bloke so it ticked two boxes – one for exercise and another for something that’s long overdue – hanging out with Lovely Bloke
– tried something new for work – I don’t know how it’s going to work out yet. But I’m pleased I did it, even if there were mistakes and it wasn’t my finest hour. But you don’t know unless you try something and I’d really like for it to work out, so fingers crossed.
– I did the school run – I picked the boys up on Friday and they loved it. Next Thursday, I’m working in the evening so I thought I’d force myself to get a bit of balance and I’m going to collect from school and do gym club. This is enough to make me shudder as it’s chaos, but I’m doing it anyway.
– I ate some chips from a chip shop. Now that sounds weird. But it was 3 weeks and 5 days since I’d last had chippy chips. And I think it may well be another 3 weeks and 5 days until I have some more as they didn’t fill the emotional hole that I had on Friday. I was sad, and upset about something, so figured chips and gravy would fix it. They didn’t. So that’s me putting myself on my list again, by eating them and appreciating that they didn’t provide the “fix” I was looking for. The diet coke did though. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in day ;)
– I watched Pretty Woman with Lovely Bloke – and then we watched another film that was about the war, another night. The former was great. The latter not so – but it was time on the sofa with Lovely Bloke and not doing other stuff so it was good.

I can’t think of anything else, but it’s been a week where I’ve been thinking about myself a lot – am I happy, am I sad, am I tired, what do I want to eat, what do I want to do. Very self absorbed I suppose, but also, one where I’ve got lots of work done and been constructive.
I’m just praying that neither I or the boys get the lurgi that Lovely Bloke has been battling for a couple of weeks now. Fingers crossed.

And if this post is boring. I’m sorry. But I love boring. I crave it. My normal life, my normal boys, my normal husband. Sometimes, I think I forget what my life used to be like and when I remember, well, it’s enough to make me think I need to either go to Church to say thank you for what I have or buy a lottery ticket, because I’m on a good run….

now all we need is a couple of nights of unbroken sleep and life would be perfect…

PS. Image credit to John Lewis. God love ’em.

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