Good grief….

Well, that’s been an “interesting” couple of weeks for me – since posting that last blog about being a grown up, people have emailed, texted and phoned to say:

1. Were you writing about me?
2. Are you ok?
3. I am so totally in the same place as you, thank you for writing about it!

Which one do you think I’ve had the most of? Yup, number 3. I am so surprised and kinda pleased to hear that other people sometimes have these first world issues of not knowing exactly what the right way forward is…. Although I wish we all had it “sorted” in our minds actually, so that we could get on with enjoying all the good things we have. But I’m pleased that my writing about it has meant that people haven’t felt like they were failing / struggling in isolation sometimes….

It’s funny really, that I got a couple of “are you writing about me / x” messages because they were from people in my real life – when actually I was writing about people in my online life – it was a bit weird to be telling people they could “stand down” from feeling that I was writing about them!!!

And then the “are you ok” questions were lovely, but I was just writing and reflecting on the things I’m seeing around me. It’s not a mid life crisis but if anyone does want to send vast quantities of green and blacks, that would be just fine.

Anyway, I’ve got lots and lots and lots to share in my usual, well crafted, witty, intelligent fashion so now I’ve got this blog out of the way, I’ll crack on with my photos, video and other stuff from our week away in France, skiing and overcoming (I always think that should be two words, not one) my fears of falling head first off a mountain side with skis attached to my feet….



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