holidays, holidays, holidays…

Going on holiday after having children is not as much fun as you’d think it would be. So whilst this is a paid for post, for Thomson Al Fresco and their family camping holidays, I’m writing it because I’m thinking about holidays, and how we are going to handle them this year.

The boys are busting to go camping, but I don’t think our youngest, who will be 5 come the holidays themselves, will actually like it. He’s quite partial to his home comforts, just like his mother. My Glastonbury days are long gone. So now, I’m actively researching something that will give me a half and half – a camper van, with a tent, or something with tent capabilities, but all set up and ready for me when I get there. The only thing is that I get annoyed at what they cost, because I think they will be / should be a third of the price that staying in a hotel will cost. But it doesn’t. It’s actually quite similar. I’m sure that’s to allow for the cost of the wear and tear and all that, but I’ve still not brought myself to book, so I’m still dithering. Have you been camping? Is it viable with a 4 and 6 year old pair of boys.

Can I test camping in the garden first? Would that be a good idea?

Update: I’m not going camping this year, I’d rather look at Holidays in Sri Lanka – Alice says they are great!

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