Sexy ladies, chocolate milkshake and cuddles – a perfect weekend

It’s been a funny old weekend… We’re really busy with work so I worked Saturday morning, then did a party with W at a soft play centre. And in case you’ve not been in one recently – it’s truly Dante’s seventh circle of hell for grown ups. But kids love it. Totally and utterly love it. They were so hot – sweat dripping from them, wet hair and clothes that were beyond damp. But they had a great time. I’m going to have to cave in and let mine have one there next year. I’ll just take Pimms and sedatives for the parents that will have to suffer it whilst they have a good time.

Anyway, back to the party. As part of the “disco” part, they listened to Psy’s Gangam Style – and there was lots of cute dancing. And also to all the single ladies, by Beyonce. Which is great – watching them dancing is fab. Especially 5 year old boy showing us the “put a ring on it” movement :)) But anyway, I’ve made a bit of a bodge of my parenting as usual. We come home and have the songs of YouTube for more dancing.

And then, the question comes:

“What’s a sexy lady Mummy?”

Being a smart bird who can think on my feet I said it’s a way of saying that you think someone – usually a girl, is very pretty. I was pleased with this response. And E took it without question. So I think “Mummy 1 – Universe 0”.

Until an hour later, when E wanted some more milk and sidled up and said “Mummy, I think you’re a very sexy lady, please can I have some more milk?”

I was literally stood in the kitchen, getting a cup of milk for my 6 year old thinking about how I could have not seen that coming. He’s going to go to school and tell his teacher, or his beloved teaching assistant that they are sexy ladies when he wants some more colouring paper. I just know it’s going to happen. And it’s my fault. So that’s what comes when you do parenting on the hoof. What else could I have said????? Any ideas????

Other than that, I’ve found that hot chocolate can actually be used quite nicely as chocolate milkshake mix for skimmed milk. This pleases me greatly as it’s my newfound favourite thing to drink. No idea why. And no, I’m not pregnant, before you event think about it.

And finally, I’m also learning about being a mum to someone who is totally no longer a little person. Although E is deciding more and more that he’s not one for cuddles, because he’s 6 and now discussing how people he sees on the tv are either “snogging” or “about to be snogging” …. he’s still up for cuddles from me. On his terms though. I have been really struggling with him feeling that he’s not in need of Mummy kisses, snuggles and cuddles recently, but I have now worked out that if we’re at home and not out and about, he’ll still do it very happily. So it’s ok, so long as we’re in the closet about it. Frankly, I’m so desperate for them, I’ll just take them at home, following him around like a puppy.

So that’s my weekend. It’s most likely that I’m going to work the next couple of weekends, what with the Royal Baby being en route, so I’m pleased to have had this time with them, doing stuff together. And making the most of whatever life throws at us – even if it does leave me pacing the kitchen wondering how I’m going to get out of being a sexy lady……

How was your weekend?


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