It’s the weekend!

Yay! It’s the weekend. We’ve had a busy day – first stop, Kung Fu. W is still a Tiny Tiger, whilst E has moved into Little Dragons. Or it might the other way around. I’m not sure. But anyway, W was chosen to lead the Form Practise and he got two Excellence Points so he went onto the Tower Of Excellence. This unleashed a sense of pride, the likes of which have only been seen twice before, when he’s been acknowledged by a teacher as doing good work at school. He was so proud. He asked us “are you proud?” to which we uber enthusiastically replied yes. So much so, that E got the hump because he wasn’t being worshipped like W was… You can’t win….

Then it was off to Bravissimo to swap a black bra that was remotely attractive, for one that was not. It’s skin coloured and practical. I’m more of the latter at the moment. Life feels too busy for a black bra that’s pretty somehow. I’m feeling more practical. Then a jaunt around  Cambridge Toy Shop aka The Place Where The Toys Are Never Within Our Budget. With £5 they both came out sobbing. As was I, marching them over to John Lewis to met friends for breakfast / cake / whatever would keep the little people quiet.

After a skirmish in the Brasserie, we landed in the Cafe and all had whatever we needed to sustain us. I fed my beloved Mother Rouse sausages, chopped up and with requiste ammounts of tomato ketchup. She then said she wasn’t going to eat all the leftover flapjack, but just cut it into small pieces to eat individually. Less calories that way perhaps?

Then we wandered around looking at handbags. I want a new one. A small one. In blue, or brown. Got a 29.00 specimen that’s going to be fine for a while whilst I either win the lottery and buy the one I really want. Or find something that I love enough to do the job, but doesn’t require lottery winning amounts to buy one. So here’s a picture of it. It’s functional. Not uber special. But fits iPad mini, diary, notebook and charger. So will be fine for me.


Bum. I’ve now got to go and sort the boys out. I wanted to show you the blue Osprey bag that I want to have. It’s £149 so expensive, but not quite lottery win requiring.

And yes, tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. So husband has bought him and me Texas tickets. Apparently that’s present enough for him and me. hhmmmmm.

Over and out for now x



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