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This is a roundup post of some things that my troops and I have reviewed recently…. Back at the start of the Summer, I got a pair of Carly shoes to review from Hotter. Now all I knew of Hotter up to that point, was that I’d seen some shoes, in our garden centre locally – I kid you not. And talked to my mum, saying I’d thought they were pretty cool !! But was I old enough to buy shoes from a garden centre?? Then the review opportunity came up and I was in like a shot for these Carly’s. Because they reminded me of some I had in black, when I first graduated from Uni. I’m a sausage for shoes, but always struggle because I only want ones that are uber comfy and don’t like to wear them in. So I’ll be honest and say that in my wimpy feet, that never wear heels, my feet did a whole day of walking around London before I got a blister on both my feet, at the back. This is nothing to the shoes, it’s me. My feet a wimpy. It’s not put off wearing them though, and I’m back in them for short walking, to be able to build up to wearing them for a whole day again. And now, they’ve opened a shop in Cambridge, so I’m even more pleased, because I’m going to buy a pair myself, as I like the styling and they are really well made.


PS. The Carly’s are currently on sale for 39.99 so if you want a pair, click the link in the image!

Next on my review list to share is a place for everything. Which is basically my personal nirvana – a whole site about storage and kit for the home, you and your family. I got offered a Lego lunch box and a Lego drinking bottle. I replied and begged for two – can you imagine my trying to divide them up amongst the boys? I hate to think of what it would be like. Anyway, the boxes arrived, along with the drink bottles. Our 6 year old can just about get the lid off the lunchbox, but our 5 year old can’t, so we’re not using them for lunchboxes per se. They are instead being used for snack and treats for after school activities, where we are with them. And they are brilliant for that. We get sandwiches in, crisps, raisins, fruit and half a chopped up apple. I have to have a lot of different things in there, so they can eat whatever they fancy after school. I’m not sure if they go in the dishwasher. I’ve hand washed so far – need to check on that. In this picture, that I got from A place for everything, there’s some really small boxes to put raisins and other things in. I think I’d get them as stocking fillers. I like the idea of them….


And finally, another one that was for the benefit of our boys – but I think that my mum had a pretty good time trying them out with them! Sharpie has a couple of different ranges that we tried out – Sharpie Stained are permanent markers for drawing and writing on clothing and fabric. We used a couple of old white tshirts. The boys and Grandma had a lovely afternoon doing it together. They are now on my list to buy them, along with a tshirt as birthday presents. I hate buying things that are gender biased, not least because I like to have a stash of stuff in the cupboard ready to go, so these pens will be perfect for that! The tshirts are currently in the washine machine, so I can’t put them on here – but they’ve washed really well. And haven’t stained other clothes. Which is good ;)

Please note that the image below is from Sharpie. I would never colour so neatly!


So that’s me. I’ve received these products, but no direct payment to write about them. I’ve written about these products with a totally honest opinion, and have not taken editorial input from the brands. I think you can tell that though, given the standard of the writing! It’s late, I’m tired and I’ve been writing for other people all day! What reviews have you done recently that you’ve really liked?

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