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In an effort to make my mac run a bit quicker – ie: to not fall over – I’ve started tidying up my desktop. I found this text. And was going to bin it, but I must have felt compelled to write it for a reason, so instead, I’m sharing it now… It looks like I wrote it around 12 months ago….

Every so often I get the a moment where I just want to take a photo, a snapshot, to commit something to memory. And right now is one of those times. I’m sat in a soft play centre – aka parents living hell. And I’m on my own, watching the boys playing together. They aren’t playing with anyone else, just each other. They are hot and sweaty – hair matted to their heads, flinging themselves around each other, bumping, jumping and climbing on and around each other.

It’s proper play. They aren’t on laptops, or our phones. They aren’t watching tv. And I’m here, watching it happen. A friend said to me today that I should call a friend to have a catch up and meet up here, but actually this has been just perfect. I’ve read two loooooong docs for a top secret project Weston Communications will be starting for the NHS in June, been to the toilet three times, watched from a distance whilst E has been to the boys toilet on his own and we’ve each had a piece of oreo’s cookie cake accompanied by the pied de resistance of playbarns – a jug of dilute….

I’m so pleaed that I’ve done this. That I’ve sat here and watched the boys, observed them and been as present as I can be, whilst not being physically attached to them doing an actual hands on game. Mind you, Lovely Bloke has been very good at that for the rest of the week. E has learnt to play draughts and has beaten me twice.

W has played endless games of connect 4, Marble run and “that donkey game where its bum goes up in the air” (Buckaroo).

We’ve been to stay with my parents at their caravan and E has got so much confidence from the bike they got him, that it’s had to come home and used every day since! Good job we packed light – we weren’t banking on bringing another two bikes home with us.

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