Happy Sounds

I’m sat in the back lounge, listening to my two boys chatting away about loom bands with two other boys, who are here visiting. They both refer to each other as “special cousins” because although they aren’t linked by blood, they are special to each other. They are the sons of one of Lovely Bloke’s best friends. It’s truly lovely to just sit here listening to the commentary and observations they are making.

For my part, I daren’t go in and offer them a drink or snack – they’ve already had their breakfasts, because I don’t want to interrupt the happiness and cooperative playing. It’s special stuff. I should record their animated debates about the relative virtues of an underdog called ??? who has special powers. And which they would have if they were each the underdog.

Anyway, I’m off to find some more dissolvable asprin. I am unwell and feeling quite meh about it. It’s only August. I’m juicing. How can I be unwell? It just doesn’t add up. Grrrrrr

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