A proper review – of Bingo

Behold, it’s a miracle – I’ve found time to write up a timely review of something! I did some work with Gibson’s Games earlier this year, so when they asked if I’d like to review a couple of them over Christmas I was happy to help. You know, one for the team and all that ;)

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday night. This is a picture of Lovely Bloke, our two boys and my mum and dad playing Bingo. E is 5 (nearly 6) and W is 4 so I was a bit apprehensive about their playing it.

Predictably, W got bored quite quickly – but he is quite a young 4, so if you have a 4 year old who can concentrate on things, don’t let this review put you off it…

cambridge mummy family playing bingo together - christmas 2012

So what do I think to the game? I think it’s great – I couldn’t work out why we had pens to cross the numbers off, rather than counters – but actually, it’s better because it means that even if we have only one pen, we can share it and all still play. There’s loads – and I do mean loads of bingo cards, so you could play this at a birthday party, if you have enough write on wipe off pens. So if we had “counters” to cover the numbers, our player numbers would be restricted.

What I will say, is that I was disappointed when we used the pens that came with the game – only 2 of the 4 worked. So it caused an argument before we started! But I think that was just us being unlucky with the box set. Having rambled on the minor details, I’ll leave you with this photo of our winner. My mum *swears* that she didn’t look for the numbers to help him win, but I’m not sure….

In summary, I recommend this – and if you want to have it as a game that lots of people can play, you just need to get more wipe clean pens! I think this will be popular with families and also with families who have play dates – because Lovely Bloke has said it’s something he’s going to use when we have play dates, to keep everyone entertained and also, to have them learning even though they won’t realise it!!

cambridge mummy - the winner of our bingo game -

This is a link to their “where to buy” page. 
This is a link to Bingo on amazon – it’s not an affiliate link!


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