I’m famous! Well nearly. OK. Not at all. But my mum is proud of me :)

Today, I have been on BBC1 – not for long – but long enough to show off my gorgeous office that Lovely Bloke and my Dad and Brother made for me (with a bit of help from some other friends…) and me looking studious at my ‘puter. There was more background interviewing than me talking. I don’t mind. I was very nervous and didn’t want to come over as a bit of an idiot on tape. So I swore a fair bit – there was very little they could probably use!

Anyway, there’s a quick video below – where I taped it replaying on the TV. Yes, that’s how dated I am. And yes, that’s me saying “shush, I’m taping….” at the start of the video !!!!

I just can’t be faffed to download and do it properly…..



And as if that’s not enough – I also had a full page article in the Sunday Telegraph supplement today, writing a “comedy” piece about what it’s like to be a working mother. Again, this photo is shocking, because a) it was taken on my lap and b) I can’t be faffed to do anything better.

Sunday Telegraph contributor Liz Weston aka Cambridge Mummy

Still, at least I’ve now documented it. So my mum has somewhere to send everyone for proof that she is telling the truth. As a friend at the BBC has said “A Star is Born” !!! Better late than never – I think the best I ever did in my nativity’s was being an inn keeper?


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