The walk of shame … for mums

When was the last time you walked the walk of shame …?

I’ve done it again. I’ve sloped down the stairs wearing a pair of undies and a hooded top. I’ve got the little person playing games on my phone and I’ve been surfing the net. I’ve not cleaned my teeth. I’ve not unstacked the dishwasher. I’m not doing anything productive at all. It’s shameful. Though I have been filmed by the BBC this week, sounding relatively articulate and being strident on the child benefit debacle.

I should be bouncing out of bed, thrilled to see my twinkies after a busy week at work. But no, when my lovely 4 year old asked – or rather – grabbed me by both cheeks (of my face, I hasten to add) and said “What would you like for Christmas Mummy?”, I said “sleep, lots and lots of sleep”. That completely confused the poor soul who said “I don’t think I can buy that in Waitrose, but I could get you a pink power rangers girl story book”.

In my defence, he was in our bed by 1am, and Daddy had given up and moved on to another bed – I don’t know where, by 1.15am. He is a little wriggle bum. And just after 5am he woke me to starting discussing the intricacies of how advent calendars work and who it was that made the rule that you can only have your chocolate after your breakfast and that you have to find the numbers by yourself.

I held on, until 6.24am. We didn’t come downstairs until then. But still, it’s a walk of shame, because I’d much rather surf mumsnet and Facebook than do anything that’s productive and would help the house, our family, or even myself – shouldn’t I be doing some face mask, or preening myself to face the weekend ahead?

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason, it coming down the stairs this morning, the best explanation I can come up with is that it felt like a walk of shame … for me, as a mum.

Do you ever feel like this?

PS. It’s advent. Yippeeeeee
PPS. I would like a Liz Earle advent calendar. Only £110. How are you fixed?
PPPS. If you’d like to hold my hand via the medium of twitter, I’m @TheLizWeston

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