A month of … putting myself on my to do list

What’s on your “to do list”? Mine’s looking pretty interesting at the moment because my to do list is a special one – it’s focussed but not specific. It’s all come about because I had a really interesting conversation and debate with one of my clients last month. It started after I heard a quote from Michelle Obama:

michelle obama talks about women and their to do list

And it really got to me. Why do I not think I’m worth putting on my own to do list? Why do I whine about not feeling that I can prioritise shaving my legs, or getting out and doing some exercise? Why do I think that New Year’s resolutions are just fads?

And then I got annoyed with myself – for the love of God !!! My situation is nothing special –  I need to get a grip. So I am – I’ve started putting myself on my own to do list.

And it’s all started with a box of Q&A questions that I was sent as a thank you from Donna at the Little Lilypad… They are Fink cards. I’ve been playing them with the boys over meal times over the holidays. And today, I’ve done them again with the boys and I’ve really felt that I’ve put myself, and my role as a mum – something I always feel I’m not doing enough of – being a mum, on my to do list.

And right now, I’m playing Bingo – again!! With the boys!! And Lovely Bloke :)) It’s brilliant. I feel that I’m helping them learn numbers and how to play a game. W hasn’t got a perfect attention span for this, but we are doing things together which is a starting point.

So today, I’ve put myself on my to do list – I’ve prioritised myself being able to go to bed tonight, knowing I’ve done more to be a better mum. And that makes me happy. And I’m going to do it for a whole month – I’m going to document how I’m putting myself on my to do list :))

PS. Yes, I know lots of people will judge me – and think me rubbish for not always knowing  how to best play with, educate and “be with” our boys. But I don’t care. I’m brilliant at some stuff. Some other stuff is a work in progress. And everything else – well, I need to earn enough to be able to get someone else to do it for us!

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