Work life merge … Exhibit D’s contribution

So, here’s the last in my current list of contributions to the work life merge conversation I’ve been hosting on my blog this week…. It’s from Sandra Roycroft-Davis. In asking her to contribute, I’m already conflicting myself with regards to what Sally Whittle wrote about keeping life and work separate – because she’s a client! But anyway, my whole “putting myself on my to do list’ concept came from my conversations with Sandra, so I’m pleased that she’s agreed to write for me…

My work and life merge massively. I am constantly juggling and sometimes drop balls!!!
I work a lot from home so that makes life easier in some ways, but in school holidays it can be very challenging.  My kids are becoming far more independent, but like to have friends round so I lock myself away!!
My skills and knowledge of how the mind works mean that my work and life is constantly merging.  All my friends have had some mind tweeking from me at some point!!!  In fact, when I go to parties I now tell people that I’m an accountant because if I say I run a weight loss business, or am a coach or hypnotherapist/ NLP Master, I end up in a corner somewhere hearing their life stories and I would rather keep my work separate!!!
I have my Blackberry and work while on the go all the time.  My husband helps in my business when he’s around, but he’s away a lot.  It takes a lot of getting used to because if he’s here he’s in my face and if he’s away I don’t see him (he sails a lot!).  I am just uber self aware because of my training so I can manage it but we do end up throwing things at one another quite often!!!
I honestly run my life by goals and by writing down what I want to achieve in the next three months. It’s the only way I can function and be organised because goals mean I know where I’m heading. The whole family are involved in the family goals!
We have a family weekly calendar and the kids have been cooking a day a week for a few years.  Therefore I only cook once/twice a week! One of my kids is at University now which is easier and the others are 14 and 15.  I do feel really guilty if I’m working weekends though and sometimes I have to.You can find Sandra tweeting at @ThinkingSlimmer
To me, it’s interesting that even when your children are older, and you’ve got a real sense of perspective on what’s good and not so good – just like Sandra has, there’s still no perfect outcome or solution to the work life merge scenario. But I have just had another idea, that maybe it’s the type of people I’m asking to write – that the people I know and ask to contribute are women who will push themselves to make the “most” or juggle the most they can, no matter what they are they are doing, no matter what the age of their children and no matter what their work is?

Hope you’re finding this all as interesting as I am? And that it’s giving you food for thought like it is me?

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