Public Announcment for all Working Mothers

Right Working Mothers. Stand Aside. For I am here. I hereby claim the crown for most amazing working mummy in the whole world. Since 3pm I have done a truck load of work whilst having a 4 year old (who is off school with D&V) literally sitting on my left shoulder and the top of the sofa – because that’s the only place he can get comfy. Jo from Life Productions will testify to that – she called me on Skype and was lucky to not have him show her his bare bum.

Speaking of bums. I have wiped a bum. Twice. And I have washed both of our hands twice. I have put cooked dinner for us all. And not burnt it. Well, kind of. I have come up with a frankly fabulous # and social campaign by phone, off the top of my head, for a friend. I have put one load of washing in the washing machine.

I tell you. I’m fabulous. And so that you have something to print out and put on your fridge, to aspire to, I’m sharing the picture of dinner with you, so you all know what you are aiming for.

liz weston - working mothers elite

This is sausage, pre prepared roast potatoes and left over oven chips, coated in a Waitrose procured sauce of sweet pickled beetroot. I know, you wish you were at our house for tea….

I know. I’m frickin’ fabulous. Feel free to tell me how much I’ve inspired you to up your game in the comments section below xx


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