“Did he sleep ok?”

Did he sleep ok ? A question to cause division in most houses I’m sure but last night was a corker… Family member phones this morning to see how the littlest of our boys is, because he’s got one perforated ear drum, an infection in the other, infection in his nose – from fiddling in his ear and then picking his nose, and this morning, we discovered something very unattractive going on with one of his toes….

I was astounded when Lovely Bloke replied to that question with “yes, he slept fine”…. Did he not remember when our littlest person came into us, not wearing a nappy, at 2am, refusing to put one back on, but wanting to get in our bed?

Did he not remember my holding out for 30 minutes of sobbing on the littlest’s part and him threatening everything he could think of to get him to either a) put a nappy on so he could get into our bed or b) go back into his own bed with no nappy on (he’s got a plastic liner underneath his bedsheet which wouldn’t ruin the mattress in the event of him weeing on it…)????

And Lovely Bloke must not have remembered either then, me taking our littlest back to his bed, shouting and kicking me, with me laying in his toddler bed with him, and then reverting to sleeping on the floor next to him, so that our littlest could go back to sleep. And that he was laid in bed waiting for me to go back into our grown up bed.

To be honest, if you’re still following this, you’ll be feeling as tired and confused as I am this morning. All I can say is that if you want to know what really happens nocturnally in our house, Lovely Bloke is not the person to ask !!!!

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