The one where I get excited about tyres….

It’s like this. Michelin Tyres asked Mumsnet to find someone uber cool, chic and who is also a car fanatic, to go and get on a private plane with them, to go somewhere cold to have a driving adventure. Step forward me – I think my email asking to be picked might have been titled “PICK ME, PICK ME “. Ahem. I have very little idea of what’s going to happen over the next few days. But I know I’m going to be learning about driving in snow and ice and need to take warm clothing.

I’m trying to play it cool. And failing. I’m really, really excited!! Chauffeured and pampered, luxury travel and an adventure that’s going to be something that is all about me – me, and a bit more me. I was just discussing last week with Tanya Barrow, how hard it is to remember who you are sometimes – what it is that makes me a person – everything is very much defined by children, work and even in part by being married and being a grown up with a house, cars and saving money. It’s all a long way away from the funky bird that I was 10 years ago and I am very grateful for my life. But part of me thinks that I want to get my groove back – so this adventure is perfect. It’s about me and my interests – driving and being independent. I know I’m reading too much into it, and that it’s really about tyres, but for me, it’s a ticket to some time out from being a mum and agency owner. I don’t need time off from being a wife though! I wish Lovely Bloke could come with me as we both love cars and all things driving related….

Of course, I’m also going to go and look at it from an agency perspective. I couldn’t not do!  To date, I have always given opportunities to my team and the clients we work with, so it’s good to be doing this as a ‘recipient’ and see everything from the other side!

Anyway, I’ve got to go and pack my bag for tomorrow – it’s a 4.30am start! I’ve got a Bibetta moda tote to take with me, so I’m looking forward to road testing it. I’m intending to travel relatively light, so if I get chance, I’ll take a pic and add it here. That might be a bit of positive thinking though ;)

PS. Do you know what question I’ve been most asked about this – are you insured? What do they think? That I’m going to get over excited and race or something??? !!







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