Cambridge Mummy with a newsflash – you *can* save money when pregnant / a new mum


Save money - get freebies - vouchers - deals and money saving info from Mum and Baby onlineThis is not a sponsored post per se, but it is a post that I’ve gotten through one of our clients at Weston Communications. So I’ve got a vested interest in this working ;) But at the same time, I’m putting it on my blog because I want to share money saving offers with people who are pregnant, new mums or have friends who are…

Please go and sign up to Mum and Baby Online – a one stop shop – a place where you can sign up to information, coupons, vouchers, money saving deals and all sorts of great stuff from Pampers, Huggies, Hipp and Argos and more whose names I can’t remember, to get their newsletters and offers all sent to you, without having to sing up for them individually.

I have vivid memories, funny, hilarious and emotional memories of my time as a new mummy, with Mrs R, with us both with a little plastic bag – you know the one you get your pennies in from the bank – with voucher codes in them, planning our activities around them as new mums. It was a mission for us, to see what we could save in the course of a day by optimising our voucher efficiency. I am so happy just thinking back to that point. It’s makes me feel mushy inside. So if nothing else, sign up to Mum and Baby Online, get your free offers, codes, discounts, coupons and money saving freebies and have fun with other women like I did with Mrs R and our babies x

And on another matter altogether, what’s the best deal that you’ve seen for pregnancy or new families recently? It’s good to share!